Star Trek Adventures: The Long Dark

The Sub-Prime Directive

Stardate 48455.1 ( 12 Apr 2371)


After a dressing down by Admiral Kiel over breaching transporter security protocols during their last mission, the crew were updated on recent events and briefed on a bigger problems.

The newly launched USS Voyager has gone missing in the Badlands region of space. Worries are mounting about the newly encountered Dominion. The Cardiassians are strangely quiet in the face of this new threat.

In more positive news, a new Intrepid class ship will be delivered to Starbase 39 within three months,. and Admiral Kiel is looking for an able command crew to handle more Intelligence and Security work for her in addition to regular Starfleet duties…

Additionally, the Romulans have sent envoys to Deep Space Nine to collect Starfleet’s data on the Dominion in exchange for allowing Starfleet to use cloaking technology on the new Defiant class ships…something that may give the Federation an edge if there is a conflict with The Dominion.

Admiral Kiel wants to make sure blackmarket networks in her sector are shut down or at least closely monitored to ensure they cannot be used to fuel terrorism and infiltration into the Federation.

With that in mind, an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone has presented itself: A smuggling ring that threatens the Prime Directive has been discovered – the crew have been tasked with breaking it up…



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