Star Trek Adventures: The Long Dark

Absolute Zero

Stardate 48172.60 (4th March 2371)

While responding to a distress call from a frozen world, the crew of the USS Quasar uncover a dark secret…


Captain’s Log Stardate 48172.60 (4th March 2371)

“We are responding to an automated distress call from Ivor VI, a top secret Federation research base near the Romulan Neutral Zone. The system is close to Ivor Prime, a fledgling Federation colony who are unaware of the research base in their system. The Ivor VI base is shrouded in mystery, with only top brass and key Starfleet Intelligence even knowing of it’s existence. The base is hidden within a major mountain range, partly underground. They have not responded to hails as we approach – all we have been getting is the same automated distress beacon. The location of the base makes even direct scanning difficult, as one would expect from a secret research facility. The beacon is a coded general disstress signal – indicating a low level threats. However, with the system being close to Romulan space, we will treat this as a code red. Nearby larger class ships have been put on alert as a precaution, but if it is not Romulan in nature Starfleet doesn’t want to alarm them with a massing of ships in a system with a new and fragile colony.”



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