Lt. Commander Shras Shran

Andorian Chief Security Officer


Shras was born on a frontier colony, which unfortunately ended up being not such a nice place to live when the Cardassians started their antics. The colony was devastated in an unprovoked Cardassian attack, with only a handful of people surviving thanks to the arrival of a small contingent of Starfleet ships. Inspired by and surprised by the martial prowess of the Starfleet officers, Shras decided to join Starfleet.

As a junior officer, he saved the lives of several Klingons who had sent out a distress call after an encounter with a hostile and at the time unknown alien species. He was lauded by the Klingons for his valor and has maintained good relationships with several Klingons he met at the time, and became something of a minor celebrity in Klingon circles.

More recently, Shras lost a dear friend when an away team was ambushed by Cardassian forces on what was meant to be a routine scientific mission.


Lt. Commander Shras Shran

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